VETA Zones


The Dar es Salaam Zone is conterminal with the administrative region of Dar es Salaam. It has a population of some 4 million people as per the 2002 census. The population growth rate is 4.8% as against the national 2.8%.  The population density is 1793 per sq km.

The Zone boarders Coast region to the North, West and South and the Indian ocean to the East. The Zone covers an area of 1480 Sq.Km , out of which 40 % constitute an urban area and 60 % rural area known as the Green Belt. The Green Belt is suitable for agriculture and Livestock husbandry. The region is the smallest in terms of area coverage.

 VET PROVISION                                                                                                                          

VETA owned Vocational Training Centres and 182 Vocational Training Centres owned by religious NGOs, Government, individuals as well as Private companies: 


# Name Location Address Phone Email/Website Mode
1 DSM RVTSC Chang`ombe road near Keko P. O. Box 40274 022 2862562/2862583 Day
2 Kipawa IICT Kipawa P.O. Box 40040,Dar es Salaam Day and Boarding
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