VETA Zones

The South West Zone covers two administrative regions, namely:- Mbeya and Rukwa. Mbeya has an area of 63,420sq km and a population of 2,070,046. Rukwa has an area of 75,560sq km and a population of 1,141,743 the figures are as per zone census.

VET PROVISION                                                                                                                          

The zone has 56 vocational training centres and  Folk Development Centres which offer training in different trade areas. The distribution of centres in the zones is as follows:


# Name Location Address Phone Email/Website Mode
1 Mbeya RVTSC Soweto P.O. Box 1020 Mbeya 025 2504372 Day and Boarding
2 Mpanda VTC Mpanda town P.O. Box 190 Mpanda 025 2820151 Day and Boarding
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