INTEP Programme

Intergrated Training for Entrepreneurship Promotion (INTEP) Programme

As part of implementing CBET, an informal sector training approach known as Integrated Training for Entrepreneurship Promotion (INTEP) has been developed.  INTEP is an employment-oriented, integrated vocational education and training focusing on training people who are un-employed, underemployed, or those who are working in the informal sector (micro and small enterprises) in both urban and rural settings.  INTEP follows a systematic approach in planning training programmes.  Planning starts by conducting analysis of social and economic context focusing on the target group expectations. 

Key features:

  • Integration and linkages of training and business promotion in order to achieve a common objective of employment creation.
  • INTEP is used as a gender oriented approach, focusing mainly on women and youths.
  • Different target groups have different potentials and needs which need specific assistance.
  • INTEP strives towards entrepreneurship so as to ensure that its outcome relate to economic and marketable results for promoting productivity and/or employment.


Because INTEP:-

  • goes beyond the traditional VET approach of mere technical training.
  • considers socially related demands of community.
  • considers the social and economic activities of the target groups for moving towards demand driven VET.
  • provides a relevant link between VET and the socio-economic context of Tanzania.
  • provides a tool of implementation of different national policy strategies

How does INTEP work?

Based on local conditions INTEP adopts the following approach:

  • Analysis Of:

- Target groups (social and economic context)

- Labour, goods and /or analysis of service markets (to determine skills requirements)

- VET providers Business Development Services (BDS), Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), possible business location.

  • Concept and framework development depending on context and clarification of goal (employment creation, employment promotion, productivity enhancement and /or improving competitiveness).
  • Songea of tailor-made programmes (using teams of actors)

- Training programme contents and process with all components

- Linkage system financial and not financial business services

  • VETA is responsible for Songeaing, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the whole process based on cooperation agreements.
  • VET providers and other services (MFI's, BDS) are responsible for the implementation of the programmes.

INTEP Qualities


  • It expands the scope of people working in the IS (Informal Sector) and SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) (60% of urban labour force) by activating their potential for economic activities.
  • It is based on VET quality standards since curriculum must adhere to CBET principles (Songeaed to meet given standards and to be competitive in the labour market).
  • It gives room for upward mobility and opportunity to get assessed for trade certification and recognition.


  • Flexibility in terms of time and location and conditions of delivery.
  • Accessibility and effectiveness since it is based on the actual needs of the people and locally Songeaed and implemented.
  • Ensures demand- oriented VET which is relevant and contributes to social and economic development objectives and goals.
  • Cost effectiveness through a modular short course system.
  • When target groups are selected on social criteria they are not expected to pay  for the total cost and public funds need tobe made available.
  • Private sector growth through enterprise development as a goal.


  • Appropriateness in addressing social/economic issues of the target group.
  • Poverty reduction by supporting schemes such as HIPC (Highly Indebted Poor Countries) and PRSP (Poverty Reduction Support Programme).
  • Private sector growth by supporting enterprise development in IS and SMEs
  • Employment creation enhanced when relevant skills are developed for self or wage employment.


  • The big social demand.
  • Effective linkage and self driving mechanism through involvement of actors like industrial organizations, local authorities, government, financial and non financial actors towards some goal thought.
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