Gender Issue

The Vocation Education and Training Authority is alive to the gender question. Although there has never been any official policy in favour of or against women and men, or boys and girls among the teaching staff or in the enrolment of trainees, VETA has joined in the public drive to deliberately get more women and girls on board. Some skills have traditionally been the domain of female trainees- the so called soft trades, a trend which is also common in academic institutions.  Parents and the public generally are encouraged to send the girls for vocational education and training and the girls are also encouraged to join for a wider selection of trades. 

Statistical data can be obtained from individual centres which are published in the VET catalogue issued annually. However the general picture is to the effect that while in 2004 girls made up 20% of the total enrolment, the figure rose to 24% in the year 2005. This is in respect of the long and short courses for both VETA owned and non-VETA owned training centres.

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