Child Labour

In the international programme to combat the Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL) spearheaded by the International Labour Organisations. VETA in Tanzania is among organs which have been assigned with the task of rehabilitating those children who have been removed from worst forms of child labour. The IPEC programme has introduced in the year 2000.  Children, removed from work in mines, commercial agriculture, domestic services and commercial sex have been and continue to be taken in for training in skills that are intended to give them the ability to earn an income. VETA has also turned to poor parents, 15 teach them entrepreneurial skills so that they may also earn an income. Many of the children who have gone into child labour have done that because of  poverty at home.

 This programme has produced some good results. By the year 2004 a total of 2111 children who had been withdrawn from the WFCL were enrolled for training. They were from the following specially selected districts: Ilala, Kinondoni, Temeke, Iramba, Kondoa, Iringa, Simanjiro, Arusha, Mufindi, Urambo and Arumeru. The target  figure was 3000 children. 

The children were given training in the following skills: Art Music, Auto Electric, Battery charging, Candle making, Cloth Songeaing, Cookery, Decoration, Masonry and Brick/block laying, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Lapidary,  Hair dressing,  Embroidery, Tailoring, Auto body repair, Screen printing, Batik, Carpentry and  joinery, Painting and sign-writing, Welding and fabrication, Business Skills, Motor cycle Mechanics, Auto mechanics, Horticulture, basics in Modern Agriculture and livestock keeping  Mirror Vehicle Mechanics, Plumbing and Electrical Installations.

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