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  • With happy faces these are Plant operators students
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Long Courses Offered
» Heavy Duty Mechanics
» Plant Operation
» Electrical Installation
» Welding and Metal Fabrication
» Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
» Carpentry and Joinery
» Masonry and brick laying
» Gemstone Cutting, & Polishing
» Designing, Sewing & Cloth tech
» Secretarial and Computer
Our Partiners
Name of the Section
Heavy Duty Mechanics Heavy Duty Equipment deals with all machines, vehicles and implements used for field cultivation, earth moving.
Plant Operation Section Plant operation is an occupational dealing with safe operation of various types of plant used in construction and materials handling activities.
Electrical Installation Section Electrical installation deals with assembly of associated electrical equipment for the purpose of distribution and utilization of electrical energy.
Welding and Metal Fabrication Section Welding and Metal Fabrication is an act of joining, forming and constructing various metal structures from raw materials.
Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Section Plumbing dealing with assembles, fits, installs, maintain and repair plumbing fixtures, pipes and pipelines systems.
Carpentry and Joinery Carpentry and Joinery is a trade that deals with constructing roof, making furniture, and constructing other wood working structures.
Masonry and brick laying Masonry and Bricklaying dealing with construction and repair of building and civil works.
Gemstone Cutting, Polishing and Carving Gemstone Cutting and Polishing is an art of transforming rough gemstones into cut and polished gemstones by progressive abrasion.
Designing, Sewing and Cloth Technology Designing, Sewing, and Cloth Technology is an occupation essentially dealing with making women’s, men’s and children’s clothes. Embroidery and Interior Designing form a significant part as well.
Secretarial and Computer Applications Secretarial is an occupation which involves performance of different office systems and procedures from basic keyboarding, record keeping, taking down dictation in shorthand/Hatimkato and transcribing to handling executive office
NB. All courses listed above lasts for two to three years, where second year is a voluntary exit point for students who wish to enter into the labour m arket, but 3rd year is a compursory exit point to all students.
Short courses
» Heavy Duty Mechanics
» Carpentry and Joinery
» Masonry and brick laying
» Mine Technology
» Welding and Fabrication
» Plant Operation
» Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
» Passenger Service Vehicle
» Electrical Installation
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