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  • With happy faces these are Plant operators students
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Long Courses Offered
» Heavy Duty Mechanics
» Plant Operation
» Electrical Installation
» Welding and Metal Fabrication
» Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
» Carpentry and Joinery
» Masonry and brick laying
» Gemstone Cutting, & Polishing
» Designing, Sewing & Cloth tech
» Secretarial and Computer
Our Partiners

Occupational health and safety is concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The enjoyment of these standards at the highest levels is a basic human right that should be accessible by each and every worker.

VETA Shinyangarecognizes that teaching and service provisions must be balanced against Health, Safety, Environment and Preventive Maintenance considerations. We are committed to continually improving our HSE performance and managing our service provision to minimize potentially adverse impacts which would emanate from VETA activities

Specifically, where it is within the institutions control of influence, VETA Shinyangawill:

• Identify the significant HSEPM exposures of our teaching activities and other provisions by assessing their potential impact on education and service performance.
• Set specific objectives and targets against which we shall monitor and review our HSEPM performance based on our significant HSEPM exposures.
• Comply with legal and other requirements that are applicable to our institution activities and relevant to the HSEPM aspects on service delivery process.
• Develop management processes and procedures that prevent pollution, waste generation, promote recycling to maximize the efficient use of materials and energy resources.
• Implement strategies and communicate our HSEPM commitments and requirements to students, employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties.
• Ensure industrial selected trainees follow standard HSEPM policy at their respective firm as provided.
• Develop management process and procedures that enable tools, equipment and machines remain in efficient way by routine maintenance and prevent any unplanned downtime.
• Encourage everyone to participate in identifying, intervening and reporting any HSE irregularities within and outside the campus environments.
• Regularly review our HSE performance, set up plans for its improvement and appoint an HSE Chairperson of our centre

Short courses
» Heavy Duty Mechanics
» Carpentry and Joinery
» Masonry and brick laying
» Mine Technology
» Welding and Fabrication
» Plant Operation
» Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
» Passenger Service Vehicle
» Electrical Installation
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