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  • With happy faces these are Plant operators students
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Long Courses Offered
» Heavy Duty Mechanics
» Plant Operation
» Electrical Installation
» Welding and Metal Fabrication
» Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
» Carpentry and Joinery
» Masonry and brick laying
» Gemstone Cutting, & Polishing
» Designing, Sewing & Cloth tech
» Secretarial and Computer
Our Partiners

VETA shinyanga has hostels carrying capacity of 240 students, Priority is given to Girl students in a ratio of 28% boys and 73% girls. A room is shared by 4 students. There is neither accommodation provision for married couples nor pregnant students. VETA shinyanga has a dynamic and interactive campus community. Here, Trainees have many opportunities to participate in activities and organizations that support their academic, cultural, social, spiritual, political, and athletic interests and preferences. In addition, our services, programs, and non-academic resources will enable you to reach your personal goals and educational objectives.

Students Government
Most of the student’s activities are organized by the student’s Government. The student Government addresses itself on aspects of student’s politics, social activities, games and sports and various forms of entertainment. Apart from this, there are also student religious group associations.

Games and sports
The college has some games and sports facilities such as football, netball and volleyball grounds. Students can therefore participate in soccer (football), netball and volleyball, basketball. games and sports competitions organized by dedicated staffs

Catering Services
The college cafeteria is responsible for preparing and serving meals to full time students. Students are required to have their own eating utensils such as cups, spoons, plate and folks.

Religious Activities
Religious Activities Facilities and services for religious activities are available for the time being but students are free to use classrooms for their religious interest. They are also allowed to invite their religious leaders to serve their interest at the campus. currently there are 4 religious clubs:- TUCASA, UKWATA, TYCS, TAMYSIA.
Short courses
» Heavy Duty Mechanics
» Carpentry and Joinery
» Masonry and brick laying
» Mine Technology
» Welding and Fabrication
» Plant Operation
» Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
» Passenger Service Vehicle
» Electrical Installation
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